Ten Marketing Truths for 2019 with Alan Cox

Achieving Brand Visibility in a Saturated Market

Alan Cox presenting at CORE’s state-of-the-art HQ, 1 Windmill Lane, Dublin

We kicked January off with a super Leaders Breakfast in one of Dublin’s most alluring meeting spaces, the offices of Core, Ireland’s leading Marketing and Communications agency. Presented by Core Chief Executive, Alan Cox, this event provided a unique opportunity to learn the Top Ten Marketing Truths to bear in mind as you plan your marketing strategy for 2019 and beyond. It would be fair to say that the assembled audience were in for a few surprises.

Alan’s Top Ten Truths ranged from the necessity of focusing on facts and not opinions when it comes to deciding where to invest your precious marketing budget. Assumptions abound on the value of investing in social media versus radio or television. What’s important are the stats, not the opinions. Alan also covered topics such a brand consistency, understanding the multimedia mix, the importance of creativity, specialist collaboration and diversity, and the power of emotional messaging.

Attendees included agencies, entrepreneurs, freelancers and marketers from a range of creative industries. Questions from the floor addressed the controversial question of penetration versus loyalty and identifying the wisest marketing investment for small businesses with limited marketing budgets (the answer was PR!)

Alan Cox
An engaged audience at our first Leaders Breakfast [/caption]

The Top Ten Important Marketing Truths for 2019 was a complimentary event held in partnership with Core Learning for IDI & ICAD registered members.

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