Launch of ICAD & IDI – Andy Hoyne: The Holy Grail of Creative, Profit & Culture.

Last month we were proud to announce that we are now partnered
with both ICAD and the IDI to deliver the best in international training and learning events.

“Creative opportunity is finding a problem that everyone has but not one has solved”

The highlight of the year so far was our launch event that featured the renowned ‘Property Visionary and Place Branding specialist’ Andrew Hoyne. Andrew’s multi-award-winning international agency Hoyne is the established leader in property and place branding in Australia and further afield. Andrew discussed how Hoyne has evolved their service offering, moving from a position as a generalist design agency, to a specialist with a clear vertical offer for clients, and described how Hoyne have successfully mitigated potential changes in a their single sector, to ensure success in a downturn. He also outlined how Hoyne have used industry thought leadership as a catalyst to achieve market differentiation, which has then become a compelling recruitment tool which they use to attract and retain some of the industry’s top talent.

Design Folk & Kim McKenzie-Doyle, President of IDI

He shared insights on how he developed his business model to deliver profitability to both his business and to the wider community. Andy had mentioned that he “hated the term work life balance, it’s about work life choices”. The importance of creating that delicate balance between creative, culture and profit may seem elusive, but in this down-to-earth, practical yet truly inspiring talk showed us how it can be successfully achieved.

“Smart people and great ideas are cutting through the mediocrity”

Sharon Murray, Board Member of ICAD

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